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For over 40 years, Lectromat, Inc. has manufactured specialty B-stage epoxy insulations and pre-pregs for the electrical and composite industry.

Our product development is customer driven; utilizing the latest advancements in polymer resin chemistry and substrate technology, we provide process and performance solutions for today, tomorrow and the future. As a natural progression of our capabilities, we offer custom formulated epoxy resins and compounds.


EVOTECH epoxy resins are formulated to answer environmental and health and safety issues, while providing the process and performance benefits associated with our other products.

Whether you require pre-preg materials, the electrical properties of a mica tape, or an epoxy resin formulated to meet your specific needs, Lectromat has the answer.


An investment in time to discuss your design application will be rewarded with our total commitment to find the right solution to your individual requirement.



Using our specially formulated B-Stage epoxy resins our prepregs are produced by impregnating or coating a wide range of materials, including but not limited to Nomex®  paper/felt, fiber glass and polyester felts. 

Whether you require full log rolls or slit rolls to a specific width, we can provide it.

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VISYS is an epoxy-anhydride, mica insulation system developed for the vacuum pressure impregnation of form wound rotating electrical apparatus.

The complete insulation system consists of the following components supplied by Lectromat:

  • Modified Anhydride Impregnant

  • Epoxy Mica/Glass Laminate Tape

  • Shrinkable Dacron/Glass Armor Tape

  • epoxy Saturated Blocking Felts, Surge Ring Rope, and Tie Cords

  • Conductive Overwrap (when required for corona suppression)


We manufacture single and multi- component epoxy resins to meet your specific needs. 

  • Casting, Molding & Potting

  • VPI

  • Wet Winding

  • Dip & Bake

  • Trickle-Feed


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